How to Clean Tablecloth and Other Tableware With Apple Cakes

If you have been dealing with wax stains on your tablecloth, dining tablecloth, buffet or other tableware, you may be wondering how to clean them away. There are many different ways you can clean up tablecloth wax stains, but here are a few tips that may help you along.

First, note: these tips do not just work on tablecloth candles. You can also apply them to get rid of wax stains on clothing too. The process is pretty simple, especially if you are working with dry cleaning products. Use a cloth dampened in alcohol to gently wipe away small candle wax stains. When the cloth is clean, rinse it under cold running water. Then wash it as normal, and dry it under a clean towel.

Another way to get rid of wax stains on clothing is to take one of the clothes you want to clean and gently squeeze it. Then soak it in alcohol and dab it onto the stained spot, letting it sit for about five minutes before rinsing the stained area under warm running water. Repeat this process several times until the stain has been removed completely.

Another way to get rid of wax stains from cloth is to use a detergent. Some people find that plain dish soap works very well. Mix it with one part of hydrogen peroxide and spray it directly onto the stain. Let the mixture sit for about thirty seconds, then rinse it off with clean water. Repeat the process a couple more times until the stain is gone. Be careful when using detergent to avoid doing too much or it could damage the cloth.

If you still cannot remove the wax stain from your cloth, you may want to consider using a cloth cleaner. Many cloth cleaners work well for removing stains from tablecloths and fabrics as well. Just spray on the cloth cleaner, and then wipe it down on top of the stain. The cleaner should penetrate the stain and loosen it up, which will help you get rid of the stain easily.

You may also find it helpful to put an apple cider vinegar on the stained spot, or on the cloth, and use it to soak up the wax stains. Once you have soaked the area, wipe it down with soapy water. and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Then repeat this step several times, until the stain is gone.