Tantric Massage Therapy – Healing Body, Mind, and Sex

tantric massage

Tanta or tantric massage, also known as energetic massage, is two defined as two massages developed in Berlin in the 1977. This massage uses techniques developed by the Kama Sutra, a set of sexual philosophies developed in India over four thousand years ago. Erotic massage that incorporates elements from this classic male massage, the Kama sutra, likewise massages the major erogenous zones of the male body, these being the penis, the scrotum, the testicles and the prostate. Tantric energy is believed to channel through these zones to produce overall health and well-being.

The sexual aspect of this massage is what got the name. But it should not be confused with the “lesbian massage”. The erotic aspect refers to the sensual aspects of the massage and does not necessarily involve the application of erotic stimulation on the masseuse’s partner. The purpose of this type of massage is usually to relax and rejuvenate the body.

Unlike other forms of massage, tantric massage is a hands-on process. The movements used are slow, flowing and are executed in a very meditative manner. The object of the tantric massage is not only to ease tensions and aches, but also to heighten sensuality and sexual pleasure. A tantric therapist has to learn to locate the points where most of the stress is stored and then use slow, coordinated movements to release this stress. In order to perform a tantric massage successfully, one needs to have a highly sensitive and flexible nervous system.

A tantric therapist can use a blend of his or her fingers, palms, forearms and tongue to work on these sensitive areas. The hands are not only used for massage purposes but also to caress the body parts as well. This allows the therapist to get a better feel of the person’s inner life and work on the subconscious as well. Tantric massage is one of the best ways to achieve peace of mind and emotional balance.

The massage technique for tantric massages uses techniques that are different from those used in ordinary massaging. In tantric massages, the hands are used to knead soft tissues and rub them gently. The kneading action stimulates the body and improves blood circulation. As a result, the person experiences a lightness of touch and feel more relaxed. The massage also helps to increase the sex drive of a person. However, this should not be used for having sexual intercourse at the end of the tantric massage therapy because it may hamper the recipient’s ability to achieve an erection.

Tantric massages also help to rejuvenate the sexual energies of a person and help him or her attain deeper levels of sleep. This enables a person to have longer and stronger erections. When performed properly, tantric massage can also help eliminate any physical or psychological problems and heal any kind of injury or ailment. It also enables a person to improve his or her levels of concentration and enables him or her to achieve greater relaxation.