A Pediatrician Promotes Excellent Health


Emad Zaki Phoenix is a pediatrician who sees to an individual’s needs, especially those of infants, young children, and teenagers. In general, pediatricians specialize in treating common childhood illnesses, such as ear infections, from colds to minor fractures. Children may visit a pediatrician for routine checkups, or for more detailed examinations and treatment if the situation calls for it. If your child has an illness that requires a visit to the doctor, do not neglect your child’s needs. A pediatrician can make a difference between life and death, so choose him or her carefully.

Pediatricians see many patients, but they specialize in a particular age group. A well-child pediatrician may treat children as young as two to four years of age, well before they are on their own and able to provide their own medical care. Your baby’s pediatrician may treat him or her as well, starting with a general checkup at ages two and working up to more complex issues as the child ages.

Every childhood illness or condition has a different treatment depending on its severity and your child’s level of development at the time of diagnosis. Pediatricians treat childhood conditions differently than they do for adults, because in some cases, the symptoms are mistaken for normal childhood or adolescent problems. For instance, most adults experience a bout of acute pain in their upper chest every few months. While it may be a mild case of a heart problem, most adults seek medical care anyway. A pediatrician can diagnose a completely different illness, such as rotator cuff tear, which requires very specific medical care and can also be accompanied by other, much more serious symptoms. An adult may receive the appropriate treatment in a relatively short period of time, but a child will have to undergo long-term followup with a pediatrician.

Adults and children who are diagnosed with a chronic, complex condition such as cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease may have to work closely with a pediatrician for a number of reasons. These patients require special medical care that is not available to adult patients. Many pediatricians also specialize in working with children who have intellectual disabilities or developmental delays. They can diagnose and treat these conditions while working with parents and their children to ensure that they receive all of the assistance they need. For this reason, pediatricians are usually involved in the birth and early childhood of a child, even from conception. Even in cases in which a child is born dead, a pediatrician often remains involved throughout the youngster’s life.

Pediatricians work closely with doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses and other health care professionals to provide services that extend well beyond their own knowledge and experience. pediatricians work with the doctors to treat and diagnose a wide variety of health conditions, working with them to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the child’s needs. Some pediatricians work exclusively with children and teenagers, while others work with young people of all ages.

A pediatrician provides an important role for everyone, even though the majority of people rarely actually think of them. Children, especially those in low-income families, can often benefit from a pediatrician, as can their parents. A pediatrician is trained to deal with all kinds of children, and he or she is likely to work with children of all ages and to handle different health problems. For this reason, a pediatrician must be very knowledgeable about all kinds of health conditions and he or she should work to provide the best quality care for each patient. Young people who might otherwise go undiagnosed can be benefited by working with a pediatrician.