Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

custom kitchen cabinets

Pre-fabricated or Custom: Which one do you prefer? There are pros and cons to each. If you know what you want in a kitchen, the decision can be fairly easy. On the other hand, if you’re like most people and you’re not sure, this can be confusing. So lets break it down into custom and pre-made.

Con: Custom delivery usually takes longer than a week. Con: The cost is typically higher. The price can be as much as twice as much for custom kitchen cabinets. Also, custom kitchen cabinets sometimes require a day or more to be made depending on the size, material, and measurements of your cabinets. Lastly, custom kitchen cabinets sometimes have a longer range of possible colors, materials, and finishes compared to pre-made ones.

Pros: Customized to your needs, not your specifications! No matter which route you choose, custom kitchen cabinets are almost always made to order and to your specific specifications. There is a larger selection of materials available than with prefabricated cabinets. You can get a lower price, and you can choose to put your own special touch on it. Plus, because the cabinets are made on-site by the company that manufactures them, they will be completed and delivered on time.

Con: Costlier than custom kitchen cabinets. It can be as much as double the cost of custom kitchen cabinets, especially if you choose to go with a specialty manufacturer. In addition, prefabricated kitchen cabinets are mass produced and shipped. This means that they are built to a standard size which might not be what you originally had in mind. Lastly, because they are mass-produced, you won’t find as many different designs and choices available in them.

Pros: Cost-effective, often quicker to install and quicker to finish than custom kitchen cabinets. If you have a specific design or style in mind, this can help you to ensure that you get just what you want. If you’re having trouble deciding on what style to go with, hiring a professional cabinet designer might be a good idea. With a designer’s help, you can see examples of their work and get ideas from them about how best to use your existing kitchen cabinets. And, they can help you make sure that your new kitchen cabinets go with the rest of your home decor.

Cons: As previously mentioned, the cons of opting for a custom kitchen cabinets. They are usually more expensive than prefabricated kitchen cabinets. If you aren’t handy with tools and you don’t mind doing a lot of measuring, you might not have too much difficulty finding the ones that look best or that will work best with your overall kitchen design. Also, if you want to create a custom design that works with your particular kitchen, you may have to hire a professional custom kitchen cabinet designer who can help you figure out the best way to incorporate the best parts of your dream kitchen into your new space.