Roster of Handyman Trade Specialists

A handyman, also called a handyman, electrician, plumber or repairman, is someone skilled in a wide array of repairs, usually around the house. These jobs include construction work, electrical repair, maintenance work, and can be described as either “front end” work and/or “back end” work. Some handymen specialize in only one or two areas of expertise. For example, a handyman who specializes in plumbing jobs may only work with and install toilets and sinks. If you have an interior remodeling project, you would want a handyman that specialized in this area.


Most handymen start out by being just a general repair person. This is usually done through word of mouth or by taking on small odd jobs. The usual cost for such services is a set rate for the hour. They may also be contracted to perform repairs for parties who want them to install light fixtures or perform painting or re-siding projects. This is usually a cheaper option than hiring a contractor because there is no need for a contract; the handyman just does the work and leaves it up to you whether or not you want him to do any more work on your house.

Handyman work for themselves, much like a contractor. Most take pride in coming up with creative ideas for repairing your home. However, they will often tell you that they have no special training in electrical or plumbing. Generally, if they have fixed a problem they can tell you how to fix it. Some will offer to show you how to do certain things. They may even offer to take particular courses on plumbing and electrical repair work.

Even though they aren’t licensed or know the latest books on plumbing and electrical work, a lot of people feel safer having a handyman to take care of small home repair jobs. Sometimes people don’t realize how dangerous it is to have someone who isn’t licensed working around pipes and electrical work. For instance, a drywall repair may look simple but if it isn’t done right, it can cause a fire or serious injury.

Drywall installation is another task that requires the services of a professional. If the drywall is installed properly, it will make a house look good and increase its value. People sometimes choose to have a handyman complete their own drywall installations. There are however, some things they should know before taking on the drywall installation process themselves. Some drywall experts charge extra for their services because they have to buy materials and tools that professionals use and they charge a higher fee for the convenience of having the work done right the first time.

Whether a person chooses to hire a handyman to fix up a home or to install a new one, they should think about hiring a contractor as well because repairs and installations often require more than one skill. For instance, a handyman might be able to repair a toilet that won’t flush properly, but they might not know anything about light electrical work. A contractor might be able to fix the toilet but not the wiring involved in installation and that can be dangerous.